HSE Policy

At Barruchess Engineering, safety is ingrained in our culture, and we prioritize it every day. We firmly believe that the SAFE Way is the ONLY Way, and our experts go above and beyond to identify and correct any unsafe conditions or behaviors they encounter.

Safety culture

To ensure safety, we conduct regular safety meetings that focus on two key activities. The Readiness Safety Meeting revolves around the Tailgate Safety Meeting topic and the development and review of the Job Safety Analysis. These meetings serve as platforms to discuss safety concerns related to job activities and even off-the-job situations before commencing daily tasks.

Safety practice

Another essential tool in our safety practices is the Job Safety Card (JSC). Our jobsite supervisors complete the JSC with valuable input and feedback from their crew in a group setting. This comprehensive approach ensures that safety considerations are thoroughly addressed and incorporated into the job execution.                                                             

Welding PPE

In the welding industry, personal protective equipment (PPE) is of utmost importance. At Barruchess, we emphasize the use of appropriate PPE to keep welders safe. There are two main types of welding PPE that we focus on: face coverings and clothing. 

Face coverings, such as protective helmets and safety glasses, play a vital role in protecting welders. Helmets safeguard the head and neck from potential hazards encountered during the welding process, including sparks and fragments. Safety glasses serve as a second line of defense, protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. By using safety glasses with the correct lenses or filters, welders prevent eye injuries and burns caused by UV exposure.

In addition to face coverings, proper clothing is crucial to protect the rest of the body. Welders are required to wear coveralls made from durable materials like leather, wool, or cotton. These coveralls, preferably in black or navy, prevent light reflection under the helmet, reducing the risk of eye strain. Flame-resistant gloves are also essential for hand protection, as they shield against sparks and fragments, which are most likely to come into contact with the hands.

At Barruchess Engineering, we recognize the importance of comprehensive safety measures, including the use of appropriate PPE. By adhering to strict safety protocols and providing the necessary protective gear, we ensure the well-being of our personnel and create a safer working environment for all involved in welding operations.

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